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As your skilled HVAC contractor, we offer state-of-the-art geothermal products, methods, equipment and services. We offer techniques and features such as multi-stages, multi-zones, twinned and tripled air handlers, and variable air volume (VAV). Additionally, you’ll find that we offer components that other manufacturers do not utilize, which include: dual compressors, floating head pressure controls, over-sized heat exchangers, receivers, oil separators, and massively over-sized desuperheaters (water heaters). Our hybrid units can heat and cool air as well as heat hot water for any purpose such as domestic hot water (DHW), space heating, and radiant floor heating.

How It Works

This section is four printed pages in length with a number of graphics showing how geothermal energy works. It details the principles of heat extraction, it describes the operation of heat pumps comparing air source heat pumps with geothermal heat pumps, and it shows the types of ground loops: open, closed, horizontal, vertical, and Slinky™.

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This section has an even greater number of graphics. It describes the two significant advantages of Enviroteq geothermal HVAC equipment - staging and zoning options not available from other manufacturers. With up to three stages of heating and cooling delivered to three separate and independent zones it is the only ground source heat pump that "changes size with the weather" and when coupled with three air handlers can do the work of three systems for a little more than the price of one.

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For Consumers

Examples of actual monitored installations of geothermal heating and cooling with Enviroteq geothermal heat pump systems in various size homes make up this section. Kilowatt hour meters installed to meter all the energy and only that energy used for heating and cooling shows why consumers buy geothermal heat pumps. Consumer Power is geothermal power. Geothermal heat is warm heat.

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For Dealers & Installers

This is short section which discusses how we do business, describes the manufacturer /distributor relationship, and spells out installer qualifications required.

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Our Warranty

Eviroteq provides a 5 year warranty on all parts for all of its geothermal heat pump units. We will exchange any warranted part upon presentation of said defective part. Shipping charges are F.O.B. State College, PA.

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About Us

Sunteq was founded in 1978 as an HVAC contractor by G. Daniel Woodring, a chemical and mechanical researcher who was issued patents for inventions in 1966 and 1971 for chemical processes involving heat exchange. In 1981 we installed our first geothermal heat pump and by 1982 we were building some units.

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