For Dealers/Installers

How we do business

Sunteq LTD and Enviroteq are intertwined. Enviroteq is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunteq and manufactures the GEO series of geothermal heat pumps, zone valve assemblies for remoting split system air handlers, and the Consta-Purge Deaerating Reservoirs. Sunteq is the exclusive distributor for Enviroteq’s products, but Sunteq Geo Distributors also distributes air handlers, geothermal pipe and fittings, circulators, multi-stage thermostats, and proprietary products needed for twinning air handlers.The experienced geothermal contractor should easily recognize that the features offered in Enviroteq’s geothermal heat pumps and the components utilized go beyond industry standards and create manufacturing costs that exceed the industry’s norm. While these costs are significant, the selling price of our units are no higher than the mid-range prices of some of the better manufacturers. (To that end, we invite you to strip the covers off some of the low end, low cost models on the market and see what you get for your money.)

Because of the relationship between manufacturer and distributor, Enviroteq products can be sold dealer direct without additional markups needed for manufacturers representatives and local distributors. This helps keep pricing in line with that of other manufacturers.

Installer Qualifications

Sunteq is looking for dealers/installers with appropriate industry credentials (CFC and IGSHPA certifications) who are interested in installing these truly high performing geothermal heat pumps; those bold enough to want to deal with the new “guys” on the block; and those with vision to forsee the potential for this technology.

Because all Enviroteq geothermal heat pumps are split systems, an installer must be qualified legally and technically to install them. While we believe that the installation is straight-forward for a technically competent person, its not a simple matter of just hooking up water and “plugging it in.” The refrigerant charge must be “balanced” for the application, e.g., the use of one, two, or even three air handlers. That’s why we provide:

  1. A receiver to make charging less critical
  2. A thermometer well on the suction line to check superheat
  3. An oil separator to keep most of the oil in the compressor’s crank cases

“If”, you may question, “they can do what they say they can do…”

Well, We can! In the Consumers section are several examples of Enviroteq geothermal heat pump installations that have been monitored with separate electric meters over a period of time. These results are representative of many, many monitored installations.

If you wish to explore our geothermal heat pumps and other products, please call us for information and prices at 814-234-2127, 800-GEO-6772. You may get an (impersonal) answering machine if no one is in the office (sorry), but you won’t get a message like “If you wish to talk to the wall, press one” or “If you wish to communicate with our highest authority – the telephone pole outside – press 2″. After your first call “everyone will know your name” (just as in Cheers).