Designed by mechanical contractors for contractors, and designed by people who’ve installed and serviced geothermal equipment for over 30 years (since 1981), the Enviroteq geothermal heat pump was created with serviceability as a high priority: the electrical panel is located on the top of the compressor unit for easy access, all wiring is color coded – high voltage wires are always different in color from low voltage wires, components are placed in an orderly and sequential pattern in the electrical panel, most electrical components – relays, contactors, capacitors, etc. – are generic and are available from virtually all refrigeration supply houses (use of any generic component does not invalidate the warranty), all refrigeration components are easily accessed from the top of the unit.

Heavy Duty Construction

Heavy Duty ConstructionAn Enviroteq unit is built tough. White fiberglas (FRP) panels – tough, resiliant, attractive, durable, corrosion proof – cover the unit. One inch thick high density fiberglas insulation under the cover panels helps deaden the sound of the compressors so that units are very quiet in their operation. The frame is constructed of 1″ x 1″ welded steel square tubing. 3″ high legs allow units to be placed in damp environments without fear of the frame rusting away. Covers remove easily to access the units.


Speaking of access, 90% of all service on the unit will be performed by removing the top cover panel (two screws). Virtually all refrigeration components and the electrical panel are accessed from the top. Since the unit is only 3 1/2 feet high nearly all service is performed standing on your feet and looking down, like working in your shop on a workbench… a service-person’s dream. (Gone are the days of sore knees and kinked spines)

Organized Components

At Enviroteq we decided to look at component organization from a different perspective. We “organized” the components into a sequential, comprehensible pattern. Although function and efficiency are the highest priorities, ease of service follows closely.

Hand wired, color coded

ControlsWe use hand-wired electro-mechanical components throughout. Familiar components that can be replaced with off-the-shelf generic components from your distributor. All wiring conforms to a color standard. If you encounter a yellow, brown, orange, or blue wire, it will carry 24 volts. All black, gray, red, or violet wires will carry 120 volts. All white wires are neutrals. And all black wires will virtually always – under normal circumstances – be “hot”, while gray, red, and violet wires are only hot when switched.

Refrigeration System Organized

We install the TXV on its side so that one can, if necessary, adjust it standing up. The reversing valve is installed with all ports horizontal so that there is absolutely no chance of brazing alloy running into the valve body. Access valves are easy to access and service valves with access ports hold the refrigerant charge in the unit until coupled with the air handler(s) and made ready to operate.